Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quick Update

Well it has been a while since I have blogged, things have been extremely busy for Hano and Myself. Hano is taking 24 credits this semester so that he can graduate in the spring, YEAH!! Between work and school for me I have no time to really get on here anymore. First Hano and I celebrated are 3 year anniversary time really flies bye! We did not have time to go anywhere this year, but I we went to Rome so I will refrain from complaining. We went to dinner at Happy Sumo where my niece Dani came and surprised me with flowers, it was so cute!! Hano is such an amazing person and we are having such a blast together. We do have some more exciting things headed are way. I am currently trying to get an internship in D.C. for next fall, sorry mom we might have to leave again. I am extremely nervous and excited! One of Hano's professor's happened to be a consultant for President Bush and the PR manager for Laura Bush, he met with me last week and gave some great pointers and even better contacts. I am hoping to get involved with local elections until I find out if I get to go. This is such a great time to get started since Utah's reps are all up for reelection!! As for Hano he wrote, produced, and directed his first film! It was only suppose to be a one minute film and they were given certain objects that had to appear in the film. Hano got the olympic sky bridge, hair gel, and a clown now what do you do with that? I would be in an absolute panic!! Hano is really creative though and it turned out great, I will post it as soon as he gets done editing it. What else well I'm pregnant, HA NOT just wanted to see if you were still reading! Sorry for all the yackity yack and no pictures. I will get some together and post them. I want to wait because we are headed to Pensacola next week to visit friends so being lazy like I am I want to post them all at once.