Monday, March 16, 2009

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is Awesome!! I really like talk radio and listen to Rush Limbaugh a lot. However this past year I have been listening more and more to Glenn Beck. He is not just an entertainer, he has some great insights to what is going on in this country. I like the point of view he holds and find myself agreeing with him all of the time. I think with the turn of this nation has taken, which has been in the works longer then just these past couple of months, things can look somewhat scary for what is in our future and more importantly the future of our children. It is not good enough to listen to the media and there biased opinions and the knowledge that they pretend to have. I am so tired of being lied too and mostly that I am expected to believe these lies! It is very insulting to me as an American. This country is great and I want it to stay that way, I am sick of the Democrats and the Repbulicans. It is time to go back to the fundementals this nation was founded on, the vision our forefathers had. They understood the price of freedom and we are a privledged generation, we do not ever want for anything or see the suffering, we watch war on the tv but never feel the full effects of war. We need to support our troops and there families. We need to stop punishing people that are successful and ambitious. This is a nation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Your happiness it determined on how hard your pursuit is, no one is guaranteed the same happiness. Glenn Beck is on the Radio 570am at 4pm to 7pm. He also has a show on the fox news channel, I am not sure of the time because I am not home to watch it but he has a lot of information on his website.

BYe BYe XtErRa

Hano and I are now down to one car, we sold our yellow Xterra. Although I am glad to be saving some money I am sad to not see it in the driveway anymore. That car took us to and from Florida and never gave us any problems! It was such a great car and Hano and I were able to share a great adventure in it. I honestly could not believe how quickly it sold. We had it posted for one month! With the economy the way it is I thought we would never sell it for the price we needed, but we have been very blessed! We will miss the Yellow Xterra and I hope that the new owner takes good care of it!