Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Niece

This is the newest member of the family.  We don't have a lot of pictures of her because we left for Florida soon after she was born.  She is Hano's sister Vanesa's baby.  She is so sweet and we can't wait to see her again.  We are so excited to have a niece and we are going to have another one in January!!  We love all of our nieces and nephews!

Nephew number2

Well Carter is much older then these pictures now I just need to take more pictures.  Carter is not a blood nephew he belongs to two of our best friends Adam and Fabione Snell.  They are definitely family though!  We love hanging out with them and love Carter!  We are so excited because they are moving to Pensicola, Florida in November so we will be spending the holidays together.

Nephew number 1

This is my very first nephew!  He belongs to my brother Allan and his wife Celeste.  He has been so much fun to have in the family.  He is going to be two this November!!  He is growing so fast and is starting to talk now.

My Husband

What can I say about Hano.  He is such a great person!  He is so ambitious and is not scared of anything.  He is always making me laugh and that is serious he really is funny.  He works very hard to be successful and a good provider.  Everyone he meets falls in love with him, I wish I had some of his qualities.  He loves being around his family and loves his niece and nephews.  I am so glad that I am married to him, every moment is a blast.

1 year anniversary in New York

For our 1 year anniversary we went to New York City.  Hano surprised me with the trip!  He likes to surprise me but he always ends up telling me at least a couple weeks before because he gets so excited!  We had such a blast in New York!  We ate hot dogs from the vendors and saw Phantom of the Opera, which was incredible!!  New York is a fascinating place and incredibly alive.  We stayed on Statton Island with some of Hano's cousins.  They were so nice and took us on a tour of the city!!  They were so helpful.  The best was trying to figure out the subway, I am surprised that we didn't get lost!  People were pretty helpful when asking them which train we should take.  My favorite part was the Empire State building.  I cannot imagine building that in the time period it was built.  It is so high!  

About Us

Well Hano and I will be married two years on the 22nd of this month!  I cannot believe how fast it is going!  I think that a lot more has happened in our second year.  Hano was offered an internship in Florida starting in January of 08, we decided that it would be best for me to keep my job in Utah since the internship was only going to be six months.  It was a really long hard six months being apart and when the six months were suppose to be over he was extended another six months!!  We could not go a whole year away from each other so I moved to Orlando in July.  Luckily my job is being held for me so that when we come back to Utah in January, I wont have to look for a new one and Hano can just go to school.  We are having a blast in Florida.  The weather is great and we go to Disney World all the time!!  We are making a lot of new friends and enjoying the new culture.   We are sad that the time is going so quickly and we will have to go back to Utah but we are ready for a lot more adventures.

Starting My Blog

Well i was not going to start a blog until we had children so that i would have something to blog about, but my husband has been very persistent in his begging me to start one so i have finally given in.