Monday, June 27, 2011

Marcus Rolling

Finally going to bless Marcus

Well we are flying back to Utah this weekend to bless Marcus. I know we have waited forever but it was a lot of back and forth on where we should do it, California or Utah. Hano is so busy at work and it is hard for him to leave, but we really wanted to be with our family so we are going home. We are having a huge party for him, my aunts and uncles, Hano's family, and are close friends! It should be a lot of fun. After he is blessed Hano has to go back home, but Marcus and I are going to stay and go camping with my family! I am so excited. I am sad that Hano cannot come but he has a lot to do at work so I am sure he will keep himself plenty busy. We are very excited to see family and I hope Marcus does well on his first plane ride ha ha.

Dodgers Game

We feel officially part of LA now that we have gone to a Dodgers game. They played a day game this last Saturday and it was so much fun. The fans were great and the Stadium was AWESOME!! We ate Dodger Dogs and had a great time. It was so hot though! I think we will stick to night games from now on. Marcus was a trooper though, we only stayed for five innings because I thought that was enough time in the sun for the little guy. Fortunately we are going to a night game on the 22nd, it is Mormon night at Dodger stadium and one of the apostles will be throwing the first pitch!!

Universal Lot

After the game Hano went and got a golf car and we drove around the studio lot. We saw so many fun movie sets, War of the Worlds, Jurrasic Park, Phsyco, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the time clock from Back to the Future, and so many more. We had such a fun time cruising around on the golf cart, Marcus loved being out of the heat.

FuN wItH MaRcUs

Marcus is growing so quickly now!! When he was first born he hated his bath so much, but I am happy to say he loves them now. He kicks water all over me! He has tried to dunk himself a few times, ha ha ha. He now rolls belly to back if I can figure out how to load a video on here than I you can see. We are working on back to belly but he is not there quite yet. He is giggling more and more, he has always been a smiley baby so I knew he would have a fun personality.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All about the baby

Well it has been some times since I have updated the blog and I decided it was time to show off my new little guy. Since I am so behind the pictures will be out of order and I am far to lazy to try and make sense of them at this point. Marcus was born March 21, 2011 at 7:20pm, he weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 20 inches long. I was in labor for 38 hours and yes for the last 3 hours I did decide to get the epidural. I was really wanting to try the natural birth but I was so tired and not dilating and I just did not want to deal with the pain anymore and might I just add that the epidural was a little peace of heaven. Marcus came out absolutely perfect, he did not cry just a few little gripes. He has his dad's adorable dimples and tons of black hair. We have already had to cut his hair three times and he is just a little over two months now!! He is now sleeping through the night which is great for me. I am loving spending every minute with him. It is amazing how much they change in just a few short months. He has started giggling, jabbering, playing with his toys, loves his books, and now we are working on rolling over. He received his first round of shots just a few weeks ago, it broke my heart I could not help but cry. He took it like a champ though and was playing soon after he received them. I am not looking forward to the next ones though, it is harder on me than it is on him I think:) California is going well, we love the weather and it is so nice to be back with Hano again. I am finally feeling like myself again there is still a gap between my ab muscles but I am trying to resolve that :) I have decided that a book needs to be written on the healing process after the baby is born ha ha ha. All in all we are very happy parents. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.