Monday, October 20, 2008

John Secada Concert

Well this weekend Hano and I went to EPCOT to watch a John Secada and walk around the food and wine festival.  Now I had no idea who John Secada was but apparently he was really popular when I was eight.  Hano on the other hand new every word to every song, he is a dork!   At the food and wine festival we had some Spaetzl from Germany, Pastel de Choclo from Argentina, and Empanada from Chile.  The food is so good and we are planning on going back this weekend.  We are having so much fun here and it will be really hard to go back to Utah and to leave all of our friends.

Florida Apartment

I decided to post some pictures of our apartment in Florida.  It is not that exciting and not to decorated but we are happy with it.  Most of the things in it we received for free, I am really glad because we are not planning on taking anything back to Utah with us except for the computers.

Living Room and Office

Well here is the living room and office.  Everything you see in this room we acquired for free, except the couch.  

Kitchen and Dining

This is my fabulous kitchen and table!  A friend of Hano's gave him the table so we didn't have to buy one, how nice!  On the wall are paintings done by Picasso, aren't we artsy:)


Here is the bathroom!!  Once again not that fancy, except i like my towels.  For a bathroom rug i put down an old towel, how innovative :)


Well this is are bedroom.  I know it is not fancy at all in fact that is not even a beadspread it is just a blanket.  I did not want to buy anything because i wont be taking it back to Utah with me so i would rather spend the money on some shoes ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

I just want to say that blogspot is not the easiest thing to learn.  I am getting the hang of it but i still don't know how to change my template to a cute one.  So until i figure it out you just have to look at my boring one for a while.  I am also open for tips!!


For those of you that don't know you can buy whole turkey legs in the Disney parks!!  This is a picture of Cody and Jamie enjoying themselves!
Tattiana with Mickey

Disney, Disney, and more Disney!

Well Hano and I are always at Disney World these days and my favorite thing to do is meet the stars. This past week some of Hano's cousins brought their goddaughter here to play in the parks.  We took them to breakfast at a place called the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.  The best part about eating here, besides the Mickey cakes, are the characters that walk around while you eat so you get a picture with them and you don't have to stand in a line!!

Universal Studios in Orlando

Well Hano and I finally went to Universal Studios here in Orlando and i have to say it was a little disappointing.  This was my first time ever and my husband informed me that the one in California is better so if your going to go then go to California.  We arrived early in the morning and waited in long lines in the blazing sun and when we finally got to the ride it sucked!!  The only ride I really liked was the new Simpsons ride!  It was really fun and I got to meet Bart!  When we were finished at Universal we hopped over to the Island of Adventures park what a blast!  Unfortunately when we got there we were so run out from Universal it was hard to enjoy it so we will have to go again.