Monday, July 25, 2011

Trip to Utah

Our trip to Utah was such a blast. The blessing (pictures to come later) went really well, over 80 people came to support Marcus it was awesome. We spent a week with the Melendez's and then went camping with the Nolands. Marcus loved camping and did so awesome. I hope you enjoy the photos it is always hard to choose which ones to put on here because we have about a million of Marcus and I wish I could post them all. Enjoy.

M watching TV on the plane.

He wakes up like this every morning LOVE IT!!

Playing with Tia Vanesa

Look at that sweet face

Always happy.

Looking out the window

M's bed

Fell asleep on the campground table

All the boys playing while it rained outside

My mom teaching him to be naughty.

Fell asleep out in the water.

Cousin love. Could they be anymore opposite ha ha.

Rockin his Air Jordan attire

I dont know why he just wont finish his roll. He is pretty much army crawling but refuses to finish a roll.

Enjoying some bananas

Good-Bye Grandma

Good-Bye Grandpa

Good-Bye Aunt Bre Anne