Wednesday, March 9, 2011

38 Week Update

I am not good at blogging, but decided to write a quick update. I am still pregnant :) He has started to drop a lot which is giving me a little glimmer of light, it has been so great being pregnant but these last couple of weeks have been a little more challenging. My doctor said things are looking good, so hopefully we can get this little man here sooner than in two weeks ;) At this point I am just hoping he decides to come at a descent hour so that Hano will be able to make it home, I am trying to stay positive in hopes that my good attitude will in some way make it come true.

We are excited to get our little boy here, we already have a million things we want to take him to do. I cannot wait to get him out on the beach and in the water! It will be nice to be back with Hano again, these last few months without him have not been the most fun. So everyone pray that he will come sooner than later, because I really do not want to get started :)