Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One, One, One

This little guy turned 1!  I can't believe it, how fast time can go sometimes.  What a great year it has been and I have really enjoyed watching him learn.  For his birthday I took him to the park where we played on the swings and slide, and we had a little picnic.  We did not have his party for a couple of weeks after his actual birthday because there was so much going on and I did not want to rush it.

We had his birthday in the park and of course the weather was nice and cold and windy, ha ha.  The one day in California.  We did a Dr. Seuss theme and even though the weather was cold we had a good time.

Cupcakes, smash cake, and cake.  Ignore that the wind destroyed my cupcake holder, BOO!!
Thing 1, Thing 1, Thing 1!!

We had some fun Dr. Seuss snacks with some turkey sandwiches.
Everyone really enjoyed the beezlenut splash, especially the kids.
The kids waiting to get a cupcake.  We had just got done singing happy birthday but the wind would not keep the candles lit.

A little birthday lovin from his dad.
Enjoying his presents at home out of the cold.  He is wearing a very cute Dr. Seuss shirt that no one was able to see and now I am realizing I never took a picture of it.
Enjoying some music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir the next morning.  Life is good.  Oh and yes he loves sitting in his baby bouncer.  I bought him a bean bag and he insists on the baby bouncer.

Blogging is TEDIOUS!!

I try hard to keep my blog updated, but there is normally very little time to write about every event that is happening.  So most of these posts will short and sweet.  Basically, a picture with a description about what we were up to.

Appendicitis anyone?  Yes it happened to me one horrible Sunday night and out of the blue.  One second you are teaching Young Women and the next you are at the emergency room certain you are going to die.  Luckily a good friend of mine took Marcus that night so that he did not have to come to the hospital with me.  The best part is that my mom came out to help me for a few days after surgery since I was unable to lift anything.  Luckily I will not have to do that again, ha ha.  This picture is just before my mom left to go home.

Vasquez Rocks!  A few of my friends and I went hiking at Vazquez with the kids.  They filmed the Flintstones movie there.  It is pretty fun and the kids had a blast.  This picture is of Marcus and Lucy, we have already arranged their marriage.

All the kids were so good to each other and we had great weather that day.

Marcus and his pal Sam, Lucy's older brother.  He thinks that Sam is great and has a fun time playing with him.

Poor Marcus caught the croup.  This was are first sick experience.  I felt bad for the little guy, but he was pretty good humored considering that he did not feel all that great.
Marcus and Lucy taking a little break.  This does not happen that often.

Life is truly great.  Who knew that a simple spoon could create this much happiness.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pure Imagination

I have decided that with each kid I have I will give them a song that most reminds me of them. For Marcus I have chosen the song Pure Imagination from the show Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. When I look at Marcus I see a dreamer. He is already so ambitious, always trying to figure things out and I know that he will dream up many things. I think it takes special people to truly make their dreams come true and I know that he will be that person. He reminds me so much of his dad and Alejandro is definitely one of those people who is not scared of the world and will jump into anything to accomplish his dreams. I know that Marcus has that same spark of ambition so I always want him to listen to this song so that he will always push to achieve.

Some fun pictures

Marcus is rolling a lot more these days, however I never seem to catch it on camera he is just to quick. This is a picture after he rolled going for his toy.

Taking his nap. Sleep training has started for this little one and it is an exhausting task. He sleeps excellent at night but fights his naps. I now have to let him cry himself to sleep it is so sad, but he is starting to get better and knows that when I put him in his crib it is time to sleep.

This is how Marcus likes to watch the TV, he loves his belly.

Nap time or playtime, you tell me.

Love that face. I want to keep him this size forever.

He loves relaxing in his floaty at the pool, he could stay in there forever.

I am trying to feed him but he is back bending trying to get to his toys.

I love it when he pulls this face, it looks like an old man who does not have his dentures in ha ha.

He is just a silly guy.

Watching the Cosby show and having some bananas, life does not get much better than this.

To the beach we go

To Zuma Beach we went. What a blast. The water at Zuma is definitely a lot colder than the water at Santa Monica but it is beautiful there!! Marcus had a good time but I did not put him in the water only his feet because it really was that cold. He loves to play in the sand!!
Pretty sure he is going to be a surfer. Look at that face.
He loves to watch the waves come crashing in and they were pretty big that day.
Love my little guy he is just the best.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Trip to Utah

Our trip to Utah was such a blast. The blessing (pictures to come later) went really well, over 80 people came to support Marcus it was awesome. We spent a week with the Melendez's and then went camping with the Nolands. Marcus loved camping and did so awesome. I hope you enjoy the photos it is always hard to choose which ones to put on here because we have about a million of Marcus and I wish I could post them all. Enjoy.

M watching TV on the plane.

He wakes up like this every morning LOVE IT!!

Playing with Tia Vanesa

Look at that sweet face

Always happy.

Looking out the window

M's bed

Fell asleep on the campground table

All the boys playing while it rained outside

My mom teaching him to be naughty.

Fell asleep out in the water.

Cousin love. Could they be anymore opposite ha ha.

Rockin his Air Jordan attire

I dont know why he just wont finish his roll. He is pretty much army crawling but refuses to finish a roll.

Enjoying some bananas

Good-Bye Grandma

Good-Bye Grandpa

Good-Bye Aunt Bre Anne