Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some fun pictures

Marcus is rolling a lot more these days, however I never seem to catch it on camera he is just to quick. This is a picture after he rolled going for his toy.

Taking his nap. Sleep training has started for this little one and it is an exhausting task. He sleeps excellent at night but fights his naps. I now have to let him cry himself to sleep it is so sad, but he is starting to get better and knows that when I put him in his crib it is time to sleep.

This is how Marcus likes to watch the TV, he loves his belly.

Nap time or playtime, you tell me.

Love that face. I want to keep him this size forever.

He loves relaxing in his floaty at the pool, he could stay in there forever.

I am trying to feed him but he is back bending trying to get to his toys.

I love it when he pulls this face, it looks like an old man who does not have his dentures in ha ha.

He is just a silly guy.

Watching the Cosby show and having some bananas, life does not get much better than this.

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The Swenson's said...

He is too cute! We have been doing the crib... jarris loves it surprisingly ;0) and love the rice cereal... even though i don't think he needs to gain anymore weight haha marcus is such a handsome little guy!