Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blogging is TEDIOUS!!

I try hard to keep my blog updated, but there is normally very little time to write about every event that is happening.  So most of these posts will short and sweet.  Basically, a picture with a description about what we were up to.

Appendicitis anyone?  Yes it happened to me one horrible Sunday night and out of the blue.  One second you are teaching Young Women and the next you are at the emergency room certain you are going to die.  Luckily a good friend of mine took Marcus that night so that he did not have to come to the hospital with me.  The best part is that my mom came out to help me for a few days after surgery since I was unable to lift anything.  Luckily I will not have to do that again, ha ha.  This picture is just before my mom left to go home.

Vasquez Rocks!  A few of my friends and I went hiking at Vazquez with the kids.  They filmed the Flintstones movie there.  It is pretty fun and the kids had a blast.  This picture is of Marcus and Lucy, we have already arranged their marriage.

All the kids were so good to each other and we had great weather that day.

Marcus and his pal Sam, Lucy's older brother.  He thinks that Sam is great and has a fun time playing with him.

Poor Marcus caught the croup.  This was are first sick experience.  I felt bad for the little guy, but he was pretty good humored considering that he did not feel all that great.
Marcus and Lucy taking a little break.  This does not happen that often.

Life is truly great.  Who knew that a simple spoon could create this much happiness.

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