Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Baby News

I am a horrible blogger, this is mostly because I have no time to do it and I cannot find a lot of things to write about that people would really care to read. However there has been a turn in a events and I now have something to share.
The day was July 30, 2010, I had just finished a class up at the University of Utah and was on my way in to work. For most of that week I had felt fairly tired and a little out of sync, but considering finals were coming up and I was writing a monster paper I thought it was perfectly normal to feel a little worn down. Anyway when I was walking in to work I had begun to smell absolutely everything it was so odd and that night after Hano had taken a shower I could not stand to be around him because the shower gel he used was making me feel sick to my stomach. I began to grow more and more concerned as I began feeling sicker throughout the week and decided it was time to face what I thought might be going on. And so on the afternoon of the 30th I bought some pregnancy tests and made my way into my bathroom. As I was waiting for the test to give me my future I began fiddling around in the bathroom, fixing hair, brushing teeth, looking at my pours, and then it was time............ As I looked down at the test I saw a big flashing YES, at that moment I felt my breath leave my body and my legs go weak. In my mind I was thinking how did this happen, I mean I know how it happened but HOW? I began to feel absolutely terrified. I left the bathroom and announced the news to my husband who began to laugh hysterically while I started to cry, the whole scene was quite pathetic. I said to him, "Hano why are you laughing you do understand that this means in about nine months a little bundle will be with us?" he looked at me and said, "Brittany I just graduated from the U, I am trying to get started in my career of course this was going to happen because this is how life works." Thinking of how ridiculous I acted I sat and thought how true it was, most of the time life comes at you hard even if you try even harder to control it. Now all this being said I don't want anyone for a second to believe I am not excited to play mommy, but I do take raising children very seriously and have always felt a little inadequate to handle such a responsibility. I know this is getting lengthy but bare with me a few more sentences. My first appointment to the doctor was August 16, 2010. At this point I was sure I was only about 4 or 5 weeks along but after the ultra sound the doctor informed me that I was 8 weeks 6 days along I was so shocked!! The best part of the appointment was hearing the heart beat, I could have sat there all day and listened to it, it really calmed my fears to hear it and really made me very excited. It has become more exciting the more the baby grows, all though I could do without the sickness :) We are both very excited to see our little one.