Thursday, December 23, 2010

Changes, Changes, and More Changes

This pregnancy is going by so fast and I am running out of time to get things done. Hano and I are putting in our 30 day notice to our apartment management next week, yikes that means Hano is going to get us a place in California ready. I am getting pretty excited we have found a few places that we like so hopefully when we check them out they are as good as they look on the internet.

Hano is now officially done with school, he graduated with two degrees from the U of U and is now on the hunt for his dream job :) I am so proud of him, he has worked so hard these last few years and at times his ambition astounds and inspires me. He truly believes that he can do anything and fears almost nothing which makes me so happy because it makes me not worry. I know that he is excited to move on and search out opportunities that will help fulfill his aspirations. We are both praying that things will fall into place and that we will both be able to find out niche in California and adjust to our new lives as parents as well.

I am getting ready to start my third trimester and my belly is growing more and more each week. I am not minding it to much other than finding clothes to wear is challenging and I really do not want to buy a lot of new things but I may have to break down and buy some long shirts to cover the pants that I can no longer zip up, thank heavens for elastic bands. I have a lot of things to buy for my little guy still and I am hoping to get them bought before school starts up again. It is such a daunting task finding things that I like, but I have found a swing, mattress, and finally a bedding set that I am liking. I am still working on finding a travel system that I like for the price I can afford, there are just so many brands and styles I cannot decide. I am also busy buying up onesies, pants, shirts, bath towels, blankets, binkies, bottles, socks, and etc. there are just so many things to think about and get, although I do not mind the clothes shopping part to much.

I had an appointment today and was going to get a 3D picture of the baby, but of course he decided it would be best if he did not look at us little stinker. We tried to nudge him and get him to move but he would just hit us back with his hand and keep his face turned, I hope this is not a sign of things to come I can only take so much attitude :) He is nice and healthy though and kicking stronger everyday which makes me happy. I know the next few months will go so quickly and then he will finally be here and I am beginning to get very excited to see my little man.

With Hano graduating, moving to California, myself trying to finish school, and becoming parents it seems that Hano and my whole life is changing, but in a very positive way. We are both excited to start a new section in life and to experience everything this new year will bring.