Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's a baby boy

Yesterday I went to my doctors appointment where we found out that our little bundle is going to be a boy. We are very excited to welcome him in our home, well apartment. We already have his name picked out, Marcus Antonio Melendez. He is named after Marcus Aurelius, because he was an outstanding leader, and of course Alejandro since they will share the same middle name. I have began reading him his first book, Julius Caesar because I want him to learn about the ways of power politics early on :)

I have been busy figuring out what we need to buy and of course a car seat, stroller, and carrier are a definite must, but the options are just so overwhelming!! While I was researching these items I came across a crib sell, now I was not planning on buying a crib just yet I wanted to buy it when we were in California but I fell in love and it was an amazing price so yes he does have his own bed. I have decided to decorate his room in monkey's because I can only imagine how this child is going to be considering it is a Hano Jr.

The next task at hand is learning Spanish, oh boy I am nervous but motivated. Hano is getting me the Rosetta Stone so I hope to have a good grasp on it within a year. Soon that will be all Hano will speak to me forcing me to learn. Learning Spanish, doing homework, preparing to move with a newborn, and preparing for baby is going to make for a busy year. I say year because school will not stop and I am sure the Spanish lessons will still be in play and by that time the baby will be here. I have decided that I am going to enjoy my pregnancy minus all of the pains and loss of energy because I am going to assume they are much easier to take care of in there then out here.

All in all things are going great, I am very excited to meet my little guy. He is getting a great extended family who are all equally excited to meet him and he already has 7 cousins, 4 of which are girls so I will need to keep them from dressing up my boy in frilly things;) (For my family who are wondering where I get the number 7 instead of 5, well are good friends Adam and Fabione are family to us and there two little ones will always be considered primas to our kids, so no I am not going that dumb).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Great

I know that I should post more pictures because that is what people like about blogs and are not necessarily all that interested in the writing part, but I tend to only update my blog when I am bored at work and unfortunately there are no personal photos on my work computer. I am sure it is easy for you to guess that I am work and that I am bored, it is Friday and the time is 2:45 needless to say I am counting down the time.

First off since I do not have a lot going on right now besides the growing fetus you can imagine what the topic of choice is going to be. Right off I must say that my pregnancy has been pretty great, I have not been all that sick, I am still able to work out about 4 to 5 times a week, food tastes better to me mostly because I feel a constant need to eat. Luckily for me I crave a lot of good things like cheese and eggs. My belly is not showing that much yet, just a little bit of a pouch that you can see if I wear a tighter shirt the bad part is it looks like I just eat to many donuts rather than a growing baby, DANG IT :) Overall things have been great, and yes I understand I am only in my 15th week but I am going to enjoy the feel good part of pregnancy as long as I can.

Now for a story, I feel OK about telling this story mainly because only girls read my blog. As most of you know your breasts grow at an amazing rate when pregnant. I have never been a well endowed girl so you can imagine my excitement to finally fill out a shirt. I decided that I would hold off buying a new bra because I was not sure how long this growth would last, but last Saturday I broke down and decided I should go and get myself measured. I went to Dillards and the lady that helped was extremely nice, she asked what size I was before I told her 32 A. She pulled out her little measuring tool and said well I would say you are definitely a D if not a DD, WHAT? I was thinking maybe a B, but what do I know so she took off to go get me some bras to try on, the whole time I am thinking there is no way I was going to fit into these bras. She gets back to the room and sure enough the D is to small and the DD is feeling really good. I am still slightly in shock who knew that could happen so quickly!! I know maybe to personal to share on a blog but come on I thought that was impressive.

Lastly, I am getting excited for my next appointment, it is my big ultra sound and we will finally find out what the little munchkin will be. I have never really had preference one way or the other and to be honest do not have the slightest clue what it will be. Hano goes from girl to boy but he himself keeps flipping. I am excited to know so that I can begin to prepare myself for this new adventure. There are so many things to get done and I am still debating on how much I want to buy, since we will be leaving Utah, and what is really necessary, so any suggestions would be great!!

Anyway I am getting more and more excited. Still a little nervous for the unexpected responsibility and finishing school, but overall it will be a fun step for Hano and I. We knew that one day we would have to do this and while it is still terrifying it is more exciting.